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New Multi-Cultural Show for Schools and Theatres

Our new show, STAND-UP STORIES – Multicultural Tales to Live By premiered at Santa Barbara’s historic Lobero Theater. The program (our 17th original production!) features four multicultural folktales and myths told using masks, acro-yoga, mime, and live music played on authentic ethnic instruments. “We live in a time of increasing intolerance, political gridlock, and profit often outweighing good values. This show uses humor and powerful storytelling to remind us no matter where we’re from or what we look like, we’re all people, and we all have something to learn.” – Boxtales Executive Artistic Director Michael Andrews. View more about the show for School Assemblies or Theatres and Presenters.

New School Assembly Honors Africa

Our new show for school assemblies: AFRICA TO AMERICA – The Ananse Story honors Africa and its diaspora while showing how stories and music travel with people and adapt to new environments. It points out how many of the Br’er Rabbit stories of the American South have origins in the West African stories of Ananse the Spider, and it shows how American “roots music” owes much to the drum rhythms of Africa. It features West African drum rhythms and songs, played live on ethnic instruments. See Africa to America – The Ananse Story