Boxtales Theatre Company has been offering the highest quality live performances for school assemblies since 1994. 

Since the start of the Covid -19 Pandemic and because of the restrictions that it placed on school assembly programming, we immediately transitioned to offering a number of our shows in a digital format to ensure that our unique assemblies and arts programming would continue to educate, inspire and entertain students.

All the digital assemblies are crafted with the California Department of Education content standards in mind, and come with new Social Emotional Learning (SEL) focused Learning Guides, (plus extensions), designed for maximum engagement. Below are Boxtales Digital Assemblies for booking.


50/60 – Minute Performances

40 – Minute Performances

Single Story Performances

  • The Hunterman and The Crocodile
    The Hunterman and The Crocodile
    THE HUNTERMAN AND THE CROCODILE Donso the hunter-man, against his better judgment, agrees to carry Bamba the Crocodile back to his home in the river. After carrying Bamba into the water and releasing ...
  • The Lion’s Whiskers
    The Lion’s Whiskers
    THE LION’S WHISKERS (Amhara Tribe of Ethiopia, Eastern Africa) Finaye, a woman past childbearing age, longs for a family of her own. When she marries Tesfa and meets his motherless son Abebe, sh ...
  • The Stonecutter
    The Stonecutter
    THE STONECUTTER (Chinese Folktale) A stonecutter is envious of rich people.  An angel turns him into a rich man.  But he keeps finding things he’d rather be.  He’d rather be king, a farmer, the sun, a ...

90 – Minute Perfomances – High School/Junior High School

  • The Odyssey
    The Odyssey
    THE ODYSSEY Homer’s Odyssey has been called one of the most important stories of Western civilization. In this performance Odysseus describes his adventures in his own words, acting out various episod ...

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